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Andrei's Zgirvaci - Blog

Blogging almost every day in 2021! šŸŽ‰

Blogging almost every day in 2021! šŸŽ‰

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Hi everyone! šŸ‘‹

Today I am starting to blog almost every day(weekdays) until next year! šŸŽ‰

I was inspired by Pat Walls who published 142 blog posts in 12 months.

A blog post can be as short as 5 words and it doesn't have to be specific technical, it can be about finances, business, entrepreneurship, design anything actually. I want to use this blog platform as a way to put my thoughts after a long day (kinda like journaling...).

Also, because some days will be hard to post than others (motivation, stress, workload), I am gonna try and do my best :)

I always liked writing, but I stopped myself from blogging many times because I felt that I have to have a very good story in the first place. As without a good story, there is no need to write anything as no one will read it anyway.

Now, I realize that this mindset is not the best and it stopped me many times from actually doing great stuff. You can call it procrastination... šŸ„±

Also, this will probably improve my writing skills a lot, which I definitely need... šŸ˜…

That was it for today folks! Make sure to check in tomorrow where I am gonna share with you my design/coding process of developing my portfolio in Next.js. It's gonna be fun! šŸ•ŗ

p.s šŸ¤« I recently started a podcast called The Anxious Developer where I share my knowledge on how to reduce your stress, become more present and productive as a Developer. I would love to hear your thoughts on it! šŸ˜Š

Remember, you are worthy, you are loved and you matter! Have a great day! ā¤ļø

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